Sea Wall Art Show! Every Sunny Day!

Enjoy The English Bay Art Show! Find Earl, a former north Atlantic fisherman. Brightly coloured in a Brian Scott blazer. We call him the call him the “Maritime Clod Monte” with his long kept beard Fall into Winter Arbutus Trees Moonrise Telegraph Cove   Moonrise Whistler    

Wolfgang Patrick

Has just accepted an invitation for an artist talk at Brian ‘S cottage

Xmas shows in Chilliwack and Abbotsford

Nov 3 and 4th in Chilliwack Nov 9 and 10 in Abbotsford Dec 1 and 2 in Chilliwack Anna’s Xmas shows with Brian Scott Fine Arts. Call 604 392 1263 for more info


Are going out every month. Both Brian and Christina are working on art books. Brian’s Vancouver book and Christina’s time travel book. Daily new crypto currencies are invented designated to block the RBC. Nathan is the literary executor for both of us.

Verboten Zone

A new cafe in Black Creek! And they said we need to go see Brian Scott S Art !