A Frame-Old Creek Side Whistler


on canvas.


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A Frame-Old Creek Side Whistler

on canvas.


The Inspiration

If you are a “granola head” or “ski bum” and wanted a ski cabin, you got your buddies together and built an A-frame cabin.

You didn’t have to work too hard falling and peeling logs, lumber and nails were cheap. You had to go post and beam (not foundation), which is fine as long as the structure is up off the ground to dry out and kill bugs in the heat of summer.

A-frames were very popular at one time, but are considered out of date today. They were a simple solution to areas such as the west coast where a huge snow pack will collapse a lot of traditional construction.

They also give the feeling of space, which is absent in most walled cabins.

However, it takes a long stove pipeĀ  to get to the ceiling of an A-frame. They had to be properly maintained to take advantage of the wood heat.

The loft sleeping areas are quite cozy, since the heat from the wood stove rises up.

With decking front and back, skiers and hikers alike can take advantage of sunny days.

Usually, if you see the old A-frames, you are in the older sections of a ski resort.

Whistler Creekside still has many surviving A-frames that are worth staggering amounts of money. The old “granola heads” would go into a depression if they knew of today’s prices. I guess they didn’t know the value, but were ahead of their time!