Aurora at Night – Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on canvas.


Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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The Inspiration

The Aurora Explorer

River Delta, on the Arctic Circle.

When oil exploration in the far north declined due to the vast distances to southern markets, the “Aurora” found herself servicing the North Coast of BC.

Barges with the characteristic landing ramp are ideal for tight situations, lack of normal docks, and often shallow waters. Similar designs have existed on the coast for many years, and are quite similar to the landing craft used extensively during the Second World War.

Brian loves to paint the Northern Lights, and couldn’t resist doing a painting of the “Aurora” under the Aurora Borealis. On clear nights, especially in winter, the Northern Lights make a dramatic appearance on the North Coast—usually dictated by the electrical polarity of the earth, and the varying activity of the sun.

The Aurora Borealis allows the artist to use his characteristic full spectrum of colors. The warm, inviting colors of the “Explorer” are in contrast with the cool greens, yellows and pinks of this northern night-time display.

These lights always make for a special winter evening in Northern Canada!

There are many Canadians that swear the Northem Lights sing. Whether they are silent or singing, they are a spectacular show.