Barrel Room



on canvas.

Dimensions 36 × 48 in

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The Inspiration

Estate wineries are springing up like spring daisies all over Vancouver Island, as well as many of the smaller islands in the Gulf. Wineries in the past were restricted to micro-climates in the Victoria area where rain shadow effects from the Olympic Mountains in Washington State allowed wine grapes to flourish in tiny agricultural pockets.

However, with advances in viticulture, grapes are flourishing in new and ever more varied locations up Island. Hornby and Ouadra Island now both boast new wineries.

The “Barrel Room” is the magical place in a winery operation where the crushed, fermented, and aged grape juice is sampled finally as finished wine. Years of hard work and intense nurturing are rewarded when the various vintages are put to the tongue.

At this winery, elaborate candle holders have been mounted on the barrels to give the ambient light of romance.

Baccus, the Greek God is released from his slumber in the oak barrel room.

In this painting, my imagination has unleashed a full spectrum of colors . Candle light dances across the smooth surface of the oak barrel face. To an artist, the half tone (the
shade between the lightest and darkest colors), allow the subconscious mind to emerge and flourish.