Great Aunt Myrtle’s New 1927 Ford



on canvas.

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Great Aunt Myrtle’s New 1927 Ford


on canvas.

The Inspiration

Automobiles and the Horseless Carriage

Although the first automobile was patented in 1885, Arizona’s first auto did not arrive until 1899.

The gas buggy or horseless carriage caught on when a local doctor cruised the main street of Tucson. Auto owners had to purchase gas and oil from the local drugstore as there were no service stations.

Horseless carriages were purchased at the bicycle shop and repairs were made by the blacksmith.

In 1910, the Touring Club of America proposed an ocean to ocean highway that would pass through Phoenix. In 1912, highways were little more than cattle trails. A series of road races were staged between 1908 and 1914 to promote better highways.

The 500-mile race called the cactus derby, was staged from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The winner was titled the “master driver of the world.”

An expensive Charmers 40 automobile cost $2,750 while a model T Ford cost $700. For an extra $80 on the model T you could have a speedometer, windshield, canvas top and lights! “Get a horse” was popular when a motorist was stuck or had a flat tire.

However, people appreciated that you only had to feed the automobile (gas) when you used them. Horses, mules and buggies required a lot of attention and had to be fed and groomed regularly.


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