Homphrey Channel – Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions 36 × 48 in

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The Inspiration

Homfray Channel is a mystical and magical place. If you’ve ever wanted to drop out of a technological world, Homfray is a good place to start. Mountains, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls—it has it all.

The silence of the passage lets you pause to speculate on its creation. The extent of the glaciers can visually calculated by the roundness or sharpness of the mountain. Generally, mountains below 6000 feet, (2000 meters), are rounded and egg shaped from being ground down by the massive ice sheets over thousands of years.

Juxtaposed to these rolling hills, jagged peaks suddenly soar up to 14,000 feet (5000 meters), more like a mountain you would expect to see in the Swiss Alps.

These pinnacles are rugged and triangular, having risen above the glaciers that at one time blanketed most of Canada. The power and weight of the ice and its direction of movement can be
discerned by the brilliant line that remain on the rock face, or more correctly “rock striations.

In this painting of Homfray Channel, Brian is echoing the shape of the loading ramp on the Aurora in the snow-capped mountain. The diminishing shape of the rectangle in the loading ramp is reflective of the receding rectangle on the massive mountains looming over Homfray Channel.

Geometry is part of an artist’s arsanal—the: importance and presence of the circle, square and triangle are features adding clarity paintings and movement as your eye moves from shape to shape.

Similarity is the great unifying factor in design.