Okisolla Sunset – Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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The Inspiration

The Okisollo Channel

Where can you literally see one million salmon in one place, and at one time? Okisollo Channel.

Roughly translated, Okisollo means ‘ little channel ‘ in the local First Nations Kwakwala dialect.

Throughout, you will read different First Nations Band names. Because of the great distances on the BC Coast, many different Bands existed, each with their own specific dialect and cultural identity.

Haida in the Queen Charlottes, Salish in the south Coast, Nootka ‘s on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tshimshian on the Northern Mainland of BC and Tlingit in Alaska.

Fish farms and their development have been controversial. They are now painted green so that they will blend in with the landscape.

There is a market for fresh salmon year round, not just here in North America, but in many markets abroad. Farming fish is also a major employer in BC coastal
communities suffering from the gradual decline of pulp and paper mill , logging, and fishing.

Marine Link regularly supplies fish farms in these isolated channels with any variety of items ……… of course fuel and obviously fish food plus a wide variety of goods and services as well.

A big part of the Captains job on the Aurora Explorer is to be aware of the tides. On the Inside Passage it is better to always err on the  side of caution.

Tide rips, whirlpools, and enormous rapids are characteristic of low tide . It is always best to wait for a high tide when passing through any narrow channel.

Okisello Channel is like a pleasant, slow moving river at high tide, but it turns into boiling rapids and treacherous rock outcroppings at low tide.

Be thankful the Captain has many years of experience and is good at reading charts and tide tables.