Orford Bay



Acrylic on canvas.

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Orford Bay


Acrylic on canvas.

The Inspiration

Orford Bay on Bute Inlet has one of the most amazing congregations of Grizzly Bears on the BC Coast. These immense bears are the stuff of legends and camp fire

The huge salmon runs that inhabit the rivers along the inlet make it a great place to see these incredible creatures in the wild. Interesting synergies have come from this natural association.

Brian found it interesting to meet Heiki Wieske. Heiki is from German and has teamed up with the Homalco First Nations to develop an eco-tourism enterprise that allows guests to watch these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

Steve Daigle, a respected Campbell River business man, has a successful aluminum boat building company. His company welds the tough boats that build confidence in tourists who are more used to terra firma.

A Daigle aluminum boat is synonymous with safety, comfort and strength; they are the all-weather water taxis that scoot people safely around the Inside Passage.

Steve, Heiki and the Homalco Band have created a partnership to cater to the eco-tourists that flock to the BC Coast each summer. “Discovery Marine Safaris” will whisk you from the Marina in Campbell River up the coast and into Orford Bay.

Along with viewing the Grizzlie (from a safe distance!) the Homalco Band welcomes guests onshore to give them an in-depth description of their history and their unique culture.

Whale watching is also a big part of their business.

Aurora Explorer also visits Orford, but it lumbers in more slowly and carefully unloads supplies for the Homalco Band. It’s all part of the development of a burgeoning eco-tourism business on BC’s North Coast.