Savary Island – Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on canvas.


Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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The Inspiration

Most visitors arrive on Savary Island by water taxi from Lund. North of Powell River, Lund is where the road run out; it is the end of the Coast Highway 101 that has its start at the Mexican Border, thousands of miles south.

Savary, with pristine white beaches and spectacular views was originally serviced by the Union Steam Ships. Young mothe from Vancouver and Victoria were dropped off with the brood of children at the beginning of the summer, while husbands stayed working in Vancouver. What they needed was purchased by mail from the old Woodwards stores. and would be delivered on the next steamship run.

The husbands visited irregularly and a close knit community developed of sufficient young mums.

Savary Island remains mostly a closed shop, a terribly close gathering and a historic group of strong individuals.

It is interesting that it was a Savary resident, Jim Spillsbury who put the Union Steam Ships out of business with his fleet of float planes that he quickly developed after the end of World War II. He was the pioneer that built Queen Charlotte Airways.

Savary Island cottages are as distinctive as the people who built them. The older versions are modest log cottages, newer ones are more gingerbread house inspired with cut lumber construction.

Recently, a few immense castles have been erected. In time, they will weather and fit in.

The common denominator throughout the community are large sprawling verandas ideal for summer snoozing & book reading in this tranquil paradise.

All the cottages proudly sport their names. Residents have to get permits before bringing a motor vehicle onto the island. So, the occasional pick-up with rust holes, bicycles with balloon tires, and faded rowboats. left strewn along the sand are sufficient mass transit on Savary.

Savary is a special gem in BC ‘s crown.