Southside Deli-Whistler Creekside



on canvas.

Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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The Inspiration

When Mount Washington Alpine started in 1979, they had the first flush toilets on any ski hill on Vancouver Island. Now that is progress!

Civilization had come to Island skiing. The legends at Forbidden Plateau Lodge recalls that when a south-easter was blowing snow, it would be blow up into the outhouse holes, and out the top! It didn’t overly concern the local female population, however; because it was amazing how many woman of all ages hiked and skied at Forbidden in the early days.

How things have changed. Many people today wouldn’t go near an outhouse, especially in a very cold climate. Imagine the logistics of 300,000 visitors using outhouses in one year, and right next door to a Provincial Park!

You can imagine the amount of infrastructure and the cost to the Mountain over the years to deal with those numbers of people. It’s a credit to the vision and devotion of Mount Washington Planners and Administrators to have inflicted minimal environmental degradation to the area.

The resort has also spearheaded the preservation of the Vancouver Island Marmot, an endangered species.

One of the benefits of living in a rainforest is how quickly the trees grow. In the near future, the second growth around the mountain will regenerate itself and the beauty of the resort. Fortunately there is a lot of old growth within the boundaries.

The Old growth forests gives the “magic” to the hill, the “Doctor Suess” look. The trees appear like soft ice cream cones or dancing figures.

When the setting sun reflects off these snow forms ” magic is afoot”.