Texada Island Colors – Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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The Inspiration

There was a large load of explosives on board the Aurora Explorer destined for the limestone quarries on Texada Island. There i no danger, as the crates are heavily wrapped, packaged, and safely contained.

This is an example of the variety of materials that are moved up and down the BC Coast by Marine Link. Vananda Bay on Texada is probably one of the most southern drop off points for freight delivery. It ha a quaint gulf islands look, with several marinas: bobbing rowboats, huge sailboats, local characters hanging about the docks smokin’ and the pre-requisite snoozing old Black Labrador.

Brian ignores the industrial site, and focusues on the party atmosphere. Between Canada’s July 1st, and United States’ July 4th, – all flags were flying and fireworks can show up anytime!

There was a full moon over Discovery Passage, and Aurora passengers toasted the evening sailing with glasses of chilled white BC wine.

Marine Link’s choice in wine from Sumac Ridge in the Okanagan and Beaufort Winery in the Comox Valley are wonderful. Both red and white, it is a fine way to toast summer on the BC Coast.