A beautiful heirloom to be treasured for generations.

When you commission Brian Scott to create a painting of your favourite place—your home, garden, cabin, boat, or view—you will own an original oil painting that is unique to you.

A Brian Scott commission is a true artist’s interpretation of that special place that means so much to you… something of value to treasure, that will endure for future generations.

Please note: Paintings are gallery wraps or paintings on board.

Your Home

Brian really enjoys creating unique paintings of client’s residences. A home gains a distinct sense of history and importance when it’s been painted. The painting truly becomes an heirloom, and will preserve memories that simply cannot be compared with photo albums.

Commissioned home paintings come as a package with signed, limited edition prints for your children, and a few note cards.

Your Organisation

As well as portraits of private homes, Brian works with companies and organisations. Based on photos, and with clear consultation, Brian will create a unique interpretation of your professional space.

Create Truly Unique and Beautiful Marketing Material

Your painting can be also be used to create a signed, limited edition print, a business card, a post card, a holiday card, or a calendar. We work closely will skilled printers, who can produce some very unique marketing materials—very economically.

We are happy to provide references from clients and samples of marketing materials produced.

How to Begin the Process

The commission process is simple.

It begins with a deposit, a consultation, and emailed pictures. If you are in the Comox Valley, Brian may be able to get out to take the pictures himself. Please contact Brian Scott to make arrangements.

A Treasured Gift

A commissioned painting is truly an “Oh Wow!” gift that will be treasured forever.

Commissioned work is priced similarly to paintings.

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Cottage, Northern Ontario

Farm House, Maxwell, Ontario