Art Car




I didn’t start painting my vehicle until the lady I was with at the time we parted company. She refused to ride any of my vehicles that were painted. When we were at my Arizona studio, that’s when we parted company.

That summer hot weather I painted my first Art car the Kia soul. Immediately it was a big hit in the community. There is a gorgeous blonde next door like the parade around in her cut off. I got her to help me paint the vehicle and then used her in my press release the Kia soul complete cheesecake.

Next I painted glacier poppies on my Ford ranger. I drove it around Vancouver when I was operating my art school and art gallery at sixth and Granville in Gallery Row.
Christine, my German wife is not thrilled when she was not looking and I painted her Kia Futura. It was perfect for me because she was a gypsy. Her other boyfriend Gregorio lived in Qualicum beach. They toured around together Powell River Parksville, Comox Valley. At one time people thought I lived in qualicum beach.

I First, Nations lady Linda asked me if I would paint her Ford Econoline call pony boy. I painted large sunflowers on it and her husband Louis toured a lot around the lower mainland. Their next trip is the Saskatchewan, then Illinois and Galveston, Texas.
I think the first nations designs will attract attention, the raven, madwoman of the woods and eagle. I also got a large RV, which works very well. Has a billboard sign on the Old Island Highway in front of my property. On one side is a 30 foot eagle and on the other side large imposing sunflowers.
I exploit the basic principles of design, large, medium and small, changes in direction enclosed spaces to bring forms forward in the picture please and linear an atmospheric perspective. Colour attracts a People‘s Acacian. The complementary colors, blue and orange, red and green and yellow and purple hypertonic affect, they attract each other and refill each other. Creating wonderful colour energy.

I use the Bauhaus school of colour theory and design. Design and forms, and it Ittens book on colour theory . That is what I teach at my art school in Black Creek also when I was teaching outreach for the provincial art school and north island college art program.