Athens Greece – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 36 × 48 in


I climbed the Acropolis and then went up the next hill to get this panorama view. The roof of the Parthenon was intact until the Turks stored ammunition and probably a cigarette but ignited the explosives blowing the roof off.

I did 26 cruises in 10 years, as far west as Hong Kong and Singapore, Alaska, around South America, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic to St Petersburg, Russia. I did not have a lot of time running two companies in the art business so cruising enabled me to visit a lot of locals in a short amount of space. What would be the logistics of starting in Dubia, then Oman, Suez Canal, Jerusalem, Athens and then ending up in Venice.

My hat blew away going through the Panama Canal after visiting Cartehegna, the old Port of Spain in Columbia. then to Costa Rica ending up in San Diego.

People ask me where is your favourite place, what was your favourite cruise? They were all unique as were the people on board. An Australian pilot who flew for Emirates, a Hollywood movie producer who was nominated for an academy award, an American General who trained Israelis on the patriot rocket also the wife of a German Engineer who worked on the V-2 rocket for Hitler.

Saigon was of special interest. Sailing up the Mekong River looking out over the Delta and only the spires of the Cathelic Church poking out of the jungle. Then on to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, a world nature site. The ride on the Junk Rigged Sailboat was fun. The T-34 tank first to enter the American Embassy during the war is still parked there as a reminder of a terrible war.

Of course Venice is of special interest and a visit to the outer islands a must trip. Mirano and Burano where the glass works are established to protect the main island from the intense heat of the glass works. I did many paintings of Venice. Since the high point on a Cruise ship is 11 stories high the panoramic view; is a painters dream. Not only could I see the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge but all the way to the Italian Alps!

The trip from Aziz to Ephesis where Saint Paul did his epistle to the citizens on the steps of the library was of special interest. I love Roman antiquity, the colliseum, ruins of old buildings. We started at the top of the hill and worked our was through the Roman city and our driver was waiting at the end. Then on to Istanbul and Athens and the Acropolis.