BC Parliament Spring – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


hat are my favourite BC stories is the provincial architect Rattenbury. He designed the the Empress hotel and the the parliament buildings many court houses and became very wealthy.

He built his mansion and OPA using materials that were supposed to be used for constructing government buildings. That’s the way they did things in those days, he became very wealthy later in life.

He had a midlife crisis, let her dance, all girl divorced his wife, the locals were not impressed. It was a huge scandal head. He had to leave , he became very wealthy later in life. He had a midlife crisis, let her dance, all girl divorced his wife the locals were not impressed. It was a huge scandal head. He had to leave the country. He retired on the south coast of England, with his bride rings, went well for a while until , the wife who had been a nursing assistant in the first world war have developed addiction to morphine. Intern, she got the young chauffeur also addicted to were having an affair with Rattenbury found out he was outrage

The chauffeur in a drug induced raged, murdered Rattenbury. It was the scandal of the British empire , the wife intern committed suicide it was a huge court case 17-year-old chauffeur was charged with murder. In the end. The jury came to the conclusion that he’s been corrupted by colonials and was released.

My original plan for the Victoria paintings I did was to exhibit them on the seawall. Between May and September there are 400 cruise ship. Is it in Victoria 800,000 wealthy travelers. However, my employee is not up to it physically he has health issues I was disappointed, but I had to find out doing the paintings and telling the stories. I do get a lot of people from Victoria in my black creek gallery. And the paintings will sell eventually.
I do a series of paintings in a particular image. The day scene and 19. Then if I am inclined, I’ll do reflections and distortions. If the image calls for me also use bling as accent points. Not every collector appreciate the bling. Hey, Siri is childlike. Whoever Picasso said you had to be a child to be an artist Being a child is great for creativity, but can get you into trouble if you’re impulsive like I am in the real world
Hi signature, colours are the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. I am well grounded in design. The contrast between organic and inorganic organic shapes are irregular and rhythmical if you think of Emily Carr‘s work musical in their movements. Man-made shapes or geometric equal square and triangle are use large, medium and small shapes to create variety as well as perspective a circle can be the sun, a door knob or a nail on a on a building forms that are enclosed by lines are full. Forwarding in the picture playing in Lyons receipt pick lines come forward. I’d like to push forms on the diagonal creates movement horizontal is calming vertical add stability. Texture can also be important as it attracts attention , I switch from acrylics with dry flat and because they come from the oil barrel the colours are brighter. It oils organic and softer and you get the texture. If you think of van Goghs paintings, swirling the oil paint gets texture and movement.
I’ve gotten away from picture frames styles change over the years that used to be gold leaf and linen liner frames were important. Gradually a space became more limited at home gallery rats became popular in Fifth, vegee Bar in the edge of a cute canvas painted black. It is also useful for the artist because it keeps the price down. Framing is expensive.