Dunsmuir Castles, Hatley Castle – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in
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Fascination with castles game from my childhood experiences in Europe after World War II. My father and uncle were veterans of the second world war. Europe was in ruins, As children we felt it’s something traumatic and catastrophic had happened, we live in the economy rented from a French family. We commuted every day through the French countryside to the Air Force Base, where my father was stationed. I remember iron crosses swastikas where soldiers had fallen and being buried.

a friend of mine father gave him cigarettes. American cigarettes at the time with the currency as well as the American dollar. Jan would go around to the farm houses And get Nazi memorabilia uniforms iron crosses which had a swastika in the middle of it. At the end of the war the Nazis handed out thousands of iron crosses to soldiers who were likely to get killed.

Later in the 1960s I would wear my iron across second class around my neck Just to see the reaction from people especially in the military.

Art Is the emotion even today about these kinds of artifacts arouse memories in people, they would rather forget. I remember my younger brother. He painted a swastika on the wall of the elementary school. It provoked shit storm.
I like to contrast man-made forms geometric circle squares and triangle with forms in nature. They also play off the landscape in my paintings with the man-made forms.
I usually have flowers in the foreground then the castle stylized free forms. In the deep space, are the mountains and the moon with stars or the setting sun. .

Nature being organic in irregular man-made shapes geometry. I use a lot of colour theory in my paintings. I used the full spectrum of colors, the hottest color, being a red orange, the coldest turquoise. And there are the complementary colors, blue and orange, yellow and purple, red and green. They attract each other and repel each other at the same time creating color, energy and emotion.
To me artist about emotion.
Some of these paintings bring back memories of the horrors of the second world war. The deep dark forms of the trees, reminiscent of swastikas and iron crosses.

When I did art shows in Whistler, the owner of the Gallery called me an American. I took that as a compliment as I grew up with American kids in Europe, we played baseball together.
She didn’t like the fact that I was brilliant at marketing as she wanted to make all the money. I have different ideas being a scott
. Growing up in Europe we played a lot of baseball with the American kids. Americans had Elvis Presley and really cool baseball cap baseball jacket. Yankees were in their glory Mickey Mantle, Roger, Maris, Joe Maggio, later, married Marylyn Monroe, etc.
To be a Canadian kid with a baseball cap was a really big deal. Things have changed bluejeans at the time. Resign of the rebellious teenagers. Marlon Brando in the movie the wild Bunch I wore blue jeans.. Marlon, Brando and Elvis Presley were Gods to the baby boomers
My next show at my Vancouver Gallery features does the nearest castle in Victoria. Hatley Castle is the home of Royal Rd., University. Craigdaraich castle is a psych ward and hospital at one time it is now a museum.
My new series is utilizing the Flipkart. One side is the castle and then the other side is the landscape. I try to choose a landscape whose forms resonate with the shape of a castle itself. I often use a Castle Mountain, a Strathcona Park. In the foreground are the stylized three forms. The tall triangle pointing to the distance is symbolic of the man,, the tree with the two triangles is the female,. The smaller smaller trees forms are the children.
You can see the architects who designed these castles knew the power of design. Large, medium and small triangles. Circles become active points. The large medium is small circles. Keep your eye moving around the composition. The squares and triangles are more static. The cold green of the roof pops is copper and its copper oxidize as it goes green. The shadows can be many cool colors, cool, balloons, violet, cool green. Half tones have the mystery and the magic. The primary colours especially the .The cold green of the roof pops is copper and it’s copper oxidize as it goes green. The shadows can be many cool colors, cool, balloons, violet, cool green. Half tones have the mystery and the magic. The primary colors, especially the red command attention