Flagstaff And The San Francisco Mountains – Oil on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


I was doing an art show at mountain galleries in Whistler. The woman who ran the gallery, accuse me of being an American because I was a genius at marketing. She was not happy that I was making a lot of money. She wanted to make all the money.
I grew up an Air Force Base is in Europe. I played a lot of baseball against the American kids on US Air Force bases. We love their colourful baseball, caps, and jackets which were representative of the professional baseball leagues in the USA. The New York Yankees win their glory in Mickey, Mantle, Roger, Maris, and Joe DiMaggio, who later, married Marilyn Monroe.
In 2008 real estate crashed in the US due to a bank banking crisi. Canadian banks were heavily regulated and survived the stress test. The Canadian dollar is strong as oil prices were high. That is when I purchased my Arizona home and spent the winters there for four years. I work exclusively in oil paint as you could leave the paintings outside overnight, and they dried quickly. where I live in British Columbia is damp and cold takes a long time for oil Teenies to dry.
My first paintings and stories were around Apache Junction east of Phoenix in the superstition Mountains. Both Elvis Presley and John Wayne had made movies in that area. The little church with Presley got married in one of his movies is in one of my oil paintings.
My earliest memories of Arizona go back to my grandfather Scott. Hu wintered in Tucson. At that time back in the 1960s cowboys who grandpa met in the taverns remember back in the 1880s when the Apaches will try to rustle cattle and horses from the family farms. They were tell stories of heroic shoot outs with ferocious Apache warriors. Grandpa was also a gun collector and he had a 3030 Winchester, which was nicknamed the great equalizer. It was a repeating rifle and was deadly against Indian attacks.
5000 US cavalry and 6000 Mexican federalist pursued Geronimo. They never did catch him. He finally gave up because he could never get any sleep as the pursuit him 24 hours a day. The only way you could catch Geronimo with the youth Apache scouts. The general in charge refused to do that.
I love the stories of the old brothels. There are very few women available on the western frontier. The only way he could cheer women through the brothels. In the 1880s all the buildings were made out of wood. An errant cigarette or a chimney fire, and the whole town would go up in flames and inferno. The Madame from the house of joy was desperate. She went to the young firefighters and said if you save a house of joy, I will guarantee you a lifetime pass with my girls. The house is a joy is the only heritage building left in the town.
In the story, is my book come from the University of Arizona textbook. This is the true story of Arizona not the Hollywood movie version.
The Navajo first nations are famous for their jewellery using turquoise, which is unique to Arizona. They also used the swastika in their designs. It was not seen as an antisemitic symbol, but as a symbol of the great spirit. Many Navajo and Apaches veterans for the second world war. One first nations veteran was one of the first GIs to reach the top of Iwo Jima. The famous picture of the three soldiers raising the flag on the mountaintop after the slaughter in battles that raged. Apaches were warriors and snipers in the war, you’re very adept at sneaking up on the enemy And assassinating the officer corps, which will lead to disarray amongst the enlisted man with no leader ship. It was very effective and Manny first nations were decorated
for the bravery.
Recently, it was not Tucson would be the capital of Arizona, however, because it supported the south in the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln designated Prescott as the capital. Prescott, who is known for its whiskey, roll 40 saloon. Cowboys and miners will start on one end and drink their way through every saloon, and if they were still standing at the end, we turn around and work the way back.
In 1889 Phoenix, the upstart new frontier town Phoenix’ wanted the state capital move from Prescott to Phoenix. They were close in the vote.. . They are only out by one vote.
They came up with a unique strategy. One of the counsellors had one eye and had a weakness through the ladies of the night. The counsellors hired her a famous Madame call, kissing Jenny. She cooks the government representative into her boudoir got him roaring drunk since he had a glass I he took it out and put it in a glass next to the bed. Kissing Jenny under contract from the Phoenix representative, swallowed the glass gets with a shot of whiskey.
The counsellor without his glasses, I refuse to appear in the legislature with only one eye. Phoenix won the vote and the capital was moved from Prescott up in the mountains down to Phoenix.
Baseball dates back in the 1880s in the United States. Followed the expansion of the railways. In 1947. The cactus league started up initially in Tucson but was moved to Phoenix just had better facilities. I need to drive from my home and Johnson’s ranch to the baseball stadium Where are the professional players were trying out to make the various teams they made the cut you were guaranteed a salary of 350,000.
Mickey Mantle, as a rookie, played against Joe DiMaggio, who is in his last season as a Yankee.
I enjoyed drinking cold beer and watching the Colorado Rockies at spring training.
As an Air Force brat, I was thrilled to visit the airplane graveyard just outside of Tucson. Because it is hot and dry is the perfect place to store your crap. They were rose bowl, sabre jet, 15, candles and vintage world war two aircraft. This is where they park B-52’s in twin engine tank killers that were used in the desert storm. Even had an F 86 sabre Canadian Mapleleaf on a few slides. He had an interesting display of helicopters that dated back to the Korean War if you think of the TV show mash 4077. I watch that show every Friday night at the frat house when I was at university.
500 films and TV shows how do you need in the area. Only Los Angeles and New York surpasses film locations. The 1960 film site was opened as a public attraction. He quickly became the number to first attraction in Arizona after the Grand Canyon. TV shows such as high chaparral Gunsmoke And Little House on the Prairie, often use old Tucson, with the desert, and Golden Gate peaks as the back up. Even television variety shows such as Johnny Cash Roy Rogers dale Evans Kirk Douglas were filmed in the golden nugget saloon. Even Sesame Street get a western episode do you see the location. For tourist of the old west, the old authentic building in there and the memories are a must see.
Become a cowboy all you needed was gotten a horse if you had got, you could always steal the horse. Cowboys recall legends in Levi’s cowboy hat, multi purposes. It served as a water pitcher for them and their horse found fires keep the dust sun and rain off their heads, a cowboy favourite phrase was most folks dress up the Cowboys dress down a cowboy rode a $10 horse and a $40 saddle.
However the horse made the cowboy. The mustang is a sturdy horse descendant from the early Spanish breeds. A man on a horse was historically superior to the soldier on foot. 50 Spanish conquistadors men mounted on extremely well trained horses, conquer the whole Aztec empire 100,000s of people.
Its interesting Wyatt Earp ended up in the Klondike, gold rush, and the gold rush is in Alaska. He speculated on mining claims and gambled in the saloons. Frontiersman like WyattEarp hated civilization. As soon as the frontier became civilized, they would move on along with all the other frontiersman From Arizona, California, Nevada at the British Columbia, the Klondike, and then nome, Alaska.