Flip Art, Charlevoix And Boldt Castle – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


This painting is part of my series, called the Magic of the St. Lawrence, using the flip art format. One side is picturesque Charlevoix The other side is a Boldt Castle on the American side the St. Lawrence.
Charlevoix, 80 kilometers from Quebvec City is a cultural and natural region in the north shore the St. Lawrence river as well as in the Laurentian mountains. This is part of the Canadian shield. Did your Mattick landscape includes rolling, terrain, fjords, headlands, and bass. It was named after Charlevoix hey Jesuit priest, explorer historian, who travelled the region in the 18th century. The community was known as the first resort area in Canada as early as 1760 Scottish nobleman had visitors at his manor. For much of his history, Charlevoix was home for a thriving summer, colony of wealthy Americans, which included President Taft. Baie Saint Paul is an important art center. There’s also a music festival and an Academy. The manor Richelieu, and the casino de Charlevoix are popular with the tourists and locals.
It’s interesting that Regional is dramatically altered by a meteorite impact the currency 150 million years ago creating the Charlebois impact structure a 40 mile wide crater. There is the heart of the region. The area inside the creator is home for 90% of it Charla Bar residence, and it’s very pastoral city compared to what it was in the past
I visited Quebec city when do the car and drove 80 km east of Quebec city to Charlebois. April 4 including Birch, alder, sumac and nicks for comprise the local four. The winters are harsh and some areas become tundra. I animal species in the area include the beluga whale Woodland, Caribou, cougars and the blue whale.
The population of the area used to rely on the river in the sea, marine construction, shipping and fisheries. I made your economy. There’s no forestry mining agriculture and tourism.
Quebec Route 138 is a major highway to the area and closely follows the shoreline of the St. Lawrence river. I got a Saint Paul Highway turns in land heading towards a Quebec City. When I drove the highway it reminded me of the roads in France in Alsace-Lorraine, winding roads along rivers with picturesque stone buildings, and churches. I was there in the fall along. The St. Lawrence maples were in full fall colour going up in elevation became winter with snow and winter wonderland.
In my painting, the castle on the town side work well together. Charlebois is much more complex and colorful. Where is the castle is more simple geometric shapes with the circle square in the triangle, the primary colors, red yellow and blue dominate creating that wonderful tonic effect. They also Use complementary colors, orange and blue, red and green and yellow and purple art is about emotion for me and colour is the most important factor, the large, medium and small shapes especially the triangle repeated over and over in various shapes and sizes taking right in and out of the composition
It will be interesting to see how the Quebecois respond to my work being from Vancouver Island. Will you be more interested in my BC paintings or my Quebec paintings. I will be working on a book of stories in the province of Quebec, remaining wonderful stories to be written the book will be called 40 paintings and stories of Quebec.