Flowers in Contrast To Abstraction – Acrylics on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


Initially, I was going to do a show in Toronto. I was doing an outdoor artshow at the Litte Red Church in Comox during covid and met woman who began marketing my artwork. She had a brother in Toronto who had sold three furniture stores for $9 million. I wanted to get into the art business. I was excited. I went into overdrive, I need a large purchase of canvases for various sizes.

I did a series of abstract paintings. I decided to paint flowers buildings over the abstractions to create interesting contrast between modern art and traditional, painting, traditional painting, things to be controlled and calming. Where is the distraction is full of movement Texture, line and color, integrated the organic forms together with the abstraction so they would flow together creating movements much like music or used traditional design large medium and small shapes. Great colours coming forward larger shapes coming forward smaller shapes receding into space but I wanted to bring a form forward in the picture plane I will enclose it with line , sometimes I would use the Mestic flowers and other times use wildflowers

I walk every day long Black Creek, so I see the seasonal changes in the spring the various wildflowers in their turn emerge, trilliums blue bells, some wildflowers I don’t know their names, but interesting shapes subtle colors, contrasting forms Everything to excite imagination of the artist.

The beauty of contemporary art if there is no picture frames years ago, everything had to have gold leaf linen Niner frames on them, which were expensive. Hope all they gave the paintings that classical look. Gallery wraps with a Fifth stretcher bars with the edges, painted black, or keep the produce, and keep the cost down, whoever they can be easily damaged and also can stick together the plastic pulling the paint off the canvas. Otherwise they’re easy to deal with the final varnish is important. I prefer the liquid glass. It magnifies the colours makes them appear brighter. Sometimes I use modelling paste to add greater texture. We call at the ghost painting , the texture of the round up marble dust has movement. When you add the final varnish, it also brings out the ghost or the underpainting.
I’ve been painting for 50 years. It is important for me to use a variety of techniques, mediums, subject matter to keep up my level of interest. After I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning with an idea, I either write it down to remember or else I will actually go down and do the other painting, so I’m ready to work in the morning. Some mornings I need my hot tub and the child enemy says do you want me to paint another picture today? No way I push myself an hour later I’m flying enjoying the creative spirit through three hours or hours later the brush and begins to droop put the child says what do you wanna quit cheating let’s keep going , that’s when I turn the studio lights off and go for my walk or my bicycle ride along Black Creek I’m very fortunate to live in the country fresh air stimulation of the changing seasons never ending source of imagery to paint.