Full Moon Christmas – Oil On Panel Framed


Dimensions 24 × 30 in


I first started doing Christmas paintings when I lived in Cumberland. One Christmas I was supposed to fly to Cuba and visit with my friend Stefano, who went to Cuba regularly in the winter time.
I got snowed in and never did get out. Cumberland got a big dump of snow that year. I set up my easel in a snowbank and did Christmas paintings.
They were a huge success as I started doing Christmas cards. Companies such as Northstar trade finance would buy 1000 Christmas cards each year and send them to the clients all over the world. Companies needed art for their offices. Suddenly I was selling paintings in Japan, Hong Kong, Houston, Texas Luxenberg. I love doing a painting of Luxenberg. I’ve been there as a child with my family when we lived in France. My father would travel there as he would get a better exchange rate. It was also an opportunity to see the Roman ruins.
Dan Hagan or local MLA send out Christmas cards to his constituents. He would buy 1000 Christmas cards also. North island college foundation when I was on their board sending out my Christmas cards.
I always target the market even with Christmas cards. Campbell river competition amongst boaters to decorate the fleet at Christmas. Perfect subject for my art. Variety of imagery colours with Quadra island and the lighthouse off in the distance. Notary in Campbell, River purchases my Christmas cards to send out to local business people who are Rotarians.