Georgian Bay, Sunset, Moon Rise , if you are a Canadian artist you are influenced by the group of seven. they broke ranks with the British tradition and painted on location Algonquin Park Most artists who love colour prefer the fall thats when you get a full sprectrum of colour and textures. There fir trees are blasted by winter storms moving onto the diagonal creating movement, the horizon is calming – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


You cannot be a Canadian Landscape Painter and not be influenced by the Group of Seven.   They broke out from doing stodgy, controlled oil paintings that were more about Europe than Canada.    Lawren Harris had the financial muscle from the sale of the Massey Harris Tractors to finance the group.  He Rented  a railcar and had  it moved to Algonquin Park and with canoes ventured into the primeval forest lakes and rivers untouched by human machines.   Out of this came came the seeds that  sprouted across Canada as Group ventured to to paint and record the Canadian geography for the world to see.    

The blasted tree forms are an iconic Canadian subject.  It is a metaphor for the harsh climate Canadians have to deal with.  There’s a saying if you want to understand a Russian you have to experience the Russian winter, it shapes character.  This true of Canada that’s why doors are painted red in the far north.  If you can’t find that  door in a blizzard you are popsicle the next day.  If you are drunk and fall asleep under a tree in California you wake up to a glorious warm sunshine.  Canadians squirrel their nuts away in a tree are conservative by nature.  They are aware the climate and the economy based on natural resources can change rapidly and the bent tree form you better be prepared!

We  have all experienced the ebb and flow of economics.  You start out when you are young as a socialist, diehard NDP you have nothing and nothing to loose.    Then you begin to see how the socialists squander your hard earned tax dollars you become a Conservative latter on in life.  The tree bends again as the winds of the market place change.  If you don’t bend and adopt you can end up with your dog in a tent lined up at the soup kitchen.   Human think they are rational in all things but they are mostly  emotional and impulsive and that can be costly and destructive both physically and emotionally.   50 of my friends are dead making the wrong decisions and ignored the lessons of the market place. 

  My many years of marketing my paintings and books has taught  me ignore the lessons of the market place at your perral,  it will kick you in the ass and you will humiliated at your stupidity.   80% of the project I conceive and launch are failures only 20% bear fruit.  When you realize a project is a dog move on to the next one.   Agility in the market place is the key.  Always look to the present and future forget the past although learn from mistakes.  Try not to repeat although there are always new mistakes to be made as part of the learning experience.  My biggest problem is I am childlike and impulsive.  That works for me as an artist but not in the market place.  I have paid a big price for getting an idea and launching without  due diligence.  This is  especially true with changing technology.   Social Media can make you or destroy you in the market place. 

Life goes on as you age you don’t take anything too seriously.  Life is a tragic comedy.  I prefer the comedy, be able to laugh at you mistakes.  People come and go out of your life.  Friends you thought would be there for life are you enemy.  As Doris Lessing said when a society reaches a certain socio economic level the envy and hate emerge.   Success has two sides.  You enjoy the rewards but not the envy and hatred of those who are jealous of you success.   Don’t take it to heart it is just human nature in the raw.  As the song says  “Dust Yourself Off, Start All Over Again.”