House Portrait


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


nanoose British Columbia.

Family lived in this house for 43 years when I do a house portrait I also do the family history for posterity. This is written on the back of the painting. 50 years the family turn the painting around and there is the family heritage.
When I was a kid, I love to hear my father stories. That is how I learn where I was coming from. My grandparents uncles aunts my lineage went back to united empire loyalists. Remain loyal to the crown. They moved from USA to Canada and were given large land grants in Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario. They were farmers had large families. They were mini Scott’s in the cherry valley graveyard in Picton Ontario John Scott came from Britain in the mid 18 century to New England, and then to Canada after the American revolution in 1776

In art is about emotion. I try to include as many details as possible that will steer up peoples emotions, pull at their heartstrings. In this painting, there’s a mother, father, and four children. Along the roofline is a stand of Douglasfir done for a geometrically. There is the father the mother in four smaller trees symbolizing the children. The tragedy in this family is it. One of the sons died at 49 years of age. The mother told me she thinks of her son every day. In the bottom, right hand corner of the TV is a painted paddleboard. The sun and the father spent many happy hours paddle boarding in the nanoose bay.
Are use large sheets in the foreground. Usually the family garden with hot colors. Then in the middle distance is the home with a pathway leading to the front door. Yonder house is the ocean and then the coast mountains on the right side. The sun is setting on the left side the moon is rising, the mountains pushing up into the stars.
InDesign, large, medium and small shapes create interest as well as give more depth to the picture. Lines are sharp in the foreground and get blurred as they go back in space. Please create the illusion of depth. My favourite shape is the circle. It can be the moon sun, the door knob, the oval in a flower with a nail on the fence. To add further emotion, the male and female crows are sitting on the treetop catching the last amount of heat from the sun. It is painting the small birds are at the birdfeeder. Also, in the bottom, left corner is a stone rabbit and the water feature for the birds which has a female form at its base. A game these are all unique features to this particular family and Will Stewart their emotions.
It’s part of the project I do a series of prints reach family member. This is proven useful to me as it gets my images out there and generate more business.
Can you do pictures of peoples home? Has become a big part of my business and pays the bills. I also enjoy hearing family history. One of the most interesting was the family in Cumberland. He didn’t find out till after the father passed away that there was another family back in Czechoslovakia. Years ago, the father had murdered the parish priest in the village. He had been molested by the priest. It is a young man took his revenge. Before being caught and charged with murder border to ship for North America, and ended up working in the coal mines in the foothills of Alberta and later in Cumberland B.C in Vancouver Island. The story emerged after his death when the family went through the attic finding his diaries
Emotional High Point of this particular family in the painting was with the death of the son. Notice how I have included all the seating arrangements. Obviously, the family spends a lot of time outdoors taking a vantage of the spectacular view. The four chairs and the table and also the bench in the foreground we are People sat and enjoyed the wonderful view of the gardens, the home and the distant mountains. Today is mid-September and the woman is coming to look at the painting and the proof for the prints. I will be keeping the picture in print at my home in Black Creek is this will be a surprise Christmas present for the family. Again another wonderful story it will be passed on to posterity.