Kim Cattrall, star of Sex and the City and over 70 movies and tv shows visited Brian Scotts Studio Gallery



I was thrilled when a bronze Cadillac came up my driveway, and Kim Cattrall emerged with her boy toy from the car. I had done a house portrait of the family home for her mother and I thought at some time she would show up in Black Creek.

She went through my collection of paintings and chose a painting of Hornby island. It had a frame with a gold leaf linen liner. It was a classic West Coast image, there were fishboat and sailboat moored in
fords Cove. off in the distance was a lighthouse with the mountains of Vancouver Island. Mount Arrowsmith was just below the setting sun.

It was disappointing for me in a way, because she picked out four paintings. But then the boyfriend vetoed the idea. she had to keep him happy as he was a chef, very handsome and much younger. However my painting hangs in her East Hampton, New York home and I’m sure will be seen by many prestigious people as it is big and colourful.

We had enjoyed TV series sex, and the city and later are movies based on the same theme. then she did something really different. She played Rudyard Kipling wife. It was a true story. It was during World War I and Kipling was a patriotic. He talked his son into volunteering to serve in the army in the trenches in France, a killing field. the kid was myopic wearing glasses he didn’t have much chance at survival. Of course this broke the mothers heart a tragic story. It was interest to see Cattrall play a character more her own age.

when Christine and I my German wife moved to Vancouver we spent time at Guilt and company, a night club in Gastown. The bartender was in the movie industry and had worked with Kim Cattrall. I gave him one of my Art jacket and him to pass it on to her.

It was fun doing art fashion. I got the idea from Christine she called her version Frankenstein fashion. She would take different fabrics and different combinations of clothing and sow them together. However I much prefer paint. I use primary colors, red, yellow and blue then drip and splash on the clothing. I Sign my name on the back with my icon, the Comox glacier. Once that has dried I go over again with a very thin line of white paint to give more depth.

I have learned that only extroverted people will wear my clothing. Introverts, prefer to blend in and not stand out. I was disappointed. I assumed all musicians would want to stand out, not true. They all agree to wear the jacket and was surprised when very few of them. when I asked them for the art fashion back it back since they weren’t being worn in public which was the idea. However they won’t part with the jacket. strange why agree to something if you’re not gonna follow through on it.

Its probable Kim Cattrall didn’t wear my art fashion as she attracts enough attention without my big splash of colour. She has moved back to the Comox Valley where she started out. She moved to UK at age 16, studied acting and was in the right place and had the right look. 70 movies and TV shows is impressive and she is still going strong. A lot of her currant production is in Vancouver. She doesnt act as much is doing more acting and producing. Working in a very stressful industry a retreat to the Island is probably a healthy decision.