My favorite Fishing Hole on The Oyster River – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


This is an oil painting of my favourite fishing hole on the oyster river BC, rivers change with the seasons in the spring, salmon, eggs, hatch, trout move down from the lake to feed on the salmon fry he came fly for fly fishing to adopt to the changes in the river And sprinkles in the summer, soak it fat the cutthroat trout the rainbows, I like to go snorkelling and watch the fish. They tend to hang around smaller streams, coming into the main river, adding flies. The occasional worm barbershops are mandatory and it is also illegal to use worms or live date
Fly fishing is the best is the fish has the best chance to skate and also you get the most action 5 pound salmon good put up a good bottle, tested the fly rod and the fisherman skill later the Cold War move into the river they are ferocious fighters to preserve the fishery the policy is catching release Which is fine I don’t have to clean the fish the other advantage the fly fishing did you use waders so you’re out in the water much more exciting than being in a boat you see the moving to see the fish moving through once you’re set up things quiet down you begin to see the birds all of nature emerges

is particular spot as a bronze plaque a long, dead fisherman, his friends put the engraved plaque, saying this was his favourite spot on the whole planet for fishing had a great deal of enjoyment fishing in the particular location

on the western river if you look closely at the painting, you can see the difference between oils in the acrylics crooks come from the oil barrel and are brighter. Also water-based, so they dry flat. Oils are organic and are softer as in this painting , and you can also see the texture. The composition of this picture is classic the S curve. The curve takes you into this painting in the foreground middleground it into the background is a beautiful rhythm like music point counterpoint you can see Mount Washington off in the distance the colours are warmer in the foreground, glad to be getting more muted Textures prevalent the rocks, the texture of the bark on the tree for trees hanging out over the river, providing shade and hiding places for the fish. When the water level was low friend with gold panning and got traces of gold he would dig down the black layer where the heavier materials with settle And that’s with the quartz and the gold would be. I had a lot of enjoyment doing this painting and every time I look at it I’m back here with my flyrod, watching the school serve pink salmon, heading up into the spawning grounds in the fall the Bears come down to feet on the fish , they steer clear of humans that are no threat.

I purchased a mobile home close to the oyster River. Is it escape from my business in Black Creek. Play art school and studio Gallery every evening I will get out the flyrod and with my dog Vincent van dog we go fishing. Sometimes he would fish at the mouth of the River work flows into the ocean and work our way up Other times we would finish the other side of the river. It was always something interesting new trails new possibilities.
When I was a student, I read all of his Brown’s books, humans spring summer fall, and winter. This was the Bible of flyfishing terrific descriptions of the Vancouver Island, rivers and streams. There are also trout cutthroat and rainbows. They have migrated to the ocean and get very large like salmon, a rainbow trout called a steel head has reached up to 30 pounds like the rainbow trout for Roche us fighters in prized game fish when I first moved to British Columbia in the 1960s would be out hunting. I remember fisherman in a small stream with a spinning glove can you cook a huge cold salmon in this little pool , go home migrate way up into the streams, small underground pools that are fed by springs in a very cold in the salmon fry can survive the heat of the summer and the drought