Rattenbury BC Architect, Empress Hotel


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


he empress hotel in Victoria located on Government Street is one of the oldest hotels in the city. It was designed by Francis Rattenbury and was built by Canadian Pacific hotels, a division of CPR railway. The hotel opened in 1908 and it’s built like a château, and it is considered one of Canada‘s grand Railway hotels And has been designated as a national historical site.

Situated in downtown Victoria, on the cities in your harbour is across the street from BC permit building. Rattenbury initial plans featured a seven story hotel similar to the front neck in Quebec City. Incorporating elements of French renaissance architecture designs featured in a Normas entry, tall glass, roof palm gardens, decorated in a Chinese motif. After months of delays that very was replaced as a building architect, and it was taken over by the chief architect of Canadian pacific railway.
Like most Châteauesque hotels, the Empress, incorporate stone and brick cladding, sleep, pitched, copper roofs, ornate, new, Gothic, dormers, and Gables and Polly Garnel truth. The hotels porch featured elements of Tudor architecture, the main roof of the hotel, with design in a set second empire style with a flat top and iron railings are much of the buildings exterior brick was covered in an overgrowth of ivy later the ivy was removed as it damage the bricks also preventing animals from living within the overgrowth. Empress has 464 guest rooms and suites. The number of rooms are also used by restaurants. The famous afternoon tea service is held in the lobby lounge. The willow Stream spa is a spa facility located within the hotel. It includes finish style, sauna, steam, in elation room, and mineral pool. The hotel operates a fitness centre with indoor pools and a hot tub.
In 1919 Edward Prince of Wales attended a gala at the hotels crystal ballroom. Shirley Temple in the 1930s arrived with her parents safely California because of kidnapping threats and was in accompanied by huge bodyguards 1939 King George and Queen Elizabeth attended a luncheon during the royal tour of Canada, in 1965 it was a beta tear down the Empress and make more modern functional high-rise hotel. However, locals warned that without the splendid relic of the Edwardian era, thousands of tourist will never return. This is the centre of the city.
In 1989 it was discovered that there was a Tunner. It ran from James Bay into the basement of the Empress. High tide, one was able to visit the basement and see the salt water flood the opening. It was suggested part of the hotels sewage was flushed in the James Bay. This was common in the early days.
In the year 2000 the hotel was sold to legacy hotels REIT for $120 million
I painted the Empress many times. My first version was when I was on the board of the BC arts council. We had our meetings at the Shaw château Victoria up on the hill, looking down on the Empress Crystal Gardens. My current version is new with flip art. One side features, the grand hotel, the other side features Castle Mountain in Strathcona Park in. I am playing off man-made forms with your geometric circles squares triangles in organic forms from nature, but you are irregular. It’s interesting the similarities between the rock formation and the Châteauesque style of the hotel.

My favourite shape is the circle is the sun moon sad on the building cloud formations. There are large, medium and small circles used as focal point to keep your eye moving around the clock composition. This is particularly important in Flip Art to maintain unity.
Previously, I used to do a lot of art shows in Victoria. Victorian art gallery, art rental program and various commercial galleries in the city on one trip. I was trying to impress my lady friend from Cumberland with a night at the Empress hotel. She said, forget it just give me the money so much for romance Cumberland style,

I did spend a wonderful night with the home economics teacher from Vanier high school in Courtney at the Empress. I should have married her. She paid the bill for the hotel and my meals. All I had to do is keep her bed warm I was more than willing to do.