Salmon Point – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


It was a sad day in the old Salmon point restaurant i and Bar burn down. Most of the old hotels and taverns on the coast a burn down. Lorn hotel in Comox komox the Quinsam Hotel in Campbell River. The only one left venerable. Lund hotel. The Lund hotel is the terminus of Highway 101 which starts at the Mexican border. A lot of American draft dodgers, from the Vietnam war ended up in Lund
Salmon, point haS a spectacular view to the entrance to Seymour Narrows. That’s why the lighthouse was built there who ships plug boats boats boats of all shapes and sizes pass through here. As well as Hollywood movie stars, huge yachts, Microsoft, money from Seattle with helicopters sailboat all on board. In my day, it was the wild goose, John Wayne’s yacht and Bing Crosby‘s yacht. They all come to skate the heat of the cities and the crowds.

There is also a trail and park at the mouth of the oyster river. There’s a trail that runs along. There is a trail . either walking or cycling. Period. In the summer months, the deck is open interviews breathtaking.
In the foreground is the Dory. My favourite Newfy ajoke a teenage boy ask the grandmother how many times she has sex as a teenager. Her response once in the bushes and twice twice in a dory.

Are use the primary colours in the foreground, red, yellow and blue. The flowers are large in the foreground gradually getting smaller getting down the red is repeated in the lighthouse similarity, giving unity to the composition. The geometry of the lighthouse, circle, square and triangle is contrasted to the organic shape of the bird from sculpture on the left. The triangles for the lighthouse are also repeated in the triangles of the mountains. Colours are hot in the foreground, gradually getting cool as the receipt into space atmospheric perspective. Lines are thick and sharp in the foreground gradually getting in and disappearing into the background. Large and small is also important in this composition the crows perched are a focal point and being black they stand out against the white cloud. Black and white is the strongest contrast .

Economics have changed seven point bar and restaurant used to be very busy. He rebuilt version cannot find anybody who wants to run the business. Sign has been up on the Old Island Highway for three years and still nobody wants to take over the business. This is strange because the area has doubled in population. The only explanation could be is Covid has changed everything people do not eat out in restaurants as much as they used to.

I love the pseudo bell tower looks like two, eyeballs peering out over my composition with the contrast of the black squares on either side for balance. The windows are the old fashion, labour-intensive unlike new windows, which were double glazed for heat retention. The heating bill would be very expensive. Assuming point is exposed to strong winds from the northwest gale storms from the southeast. The dampness of the West Coast makes it feel a lot colder.

Like the Royal coachman and many other institutions, this one may not survive. The restaurant business is very difficult to make a profit. I overhead food cost staffing, make it difficult on management. Nobody wants the responsibility. The high stress. The tourist business is cyclical, and the locals are fickle in the choice of restaurants. Only the cat at the doorway, and the crows overhead are happy and content.