Sunflower Perspective – Acrylic on canvas




Interesting that the sunflower has become a symbol of freedom in the Ukraine. The Russian mammoth, huge sunflower Ukrainians brought to western Canada flourishes.
It’s interesting that Putin labelled the Ukrainian government as Nazis however without the swastikas. Hitler was actually only in power for 12 years and he is his cast shut your dark shadow across Europe.

Vincent van Gogh made the sunflower famous, and the national Gallery of London, purchased one of his many sunflower paintings. Each of the sunflowers represent as a metaphor for the life cycle of humans. The gnarly old sunflower, going to seed represents the old people, bright, strong sunflowers represent middle-age, and smaller and smaller and smaller until you have the buds which are the baby in the cradle.

Van Gogh worked in oil as acrylic paint and plastics invented during the second world war because rubber was unavailable. Necessity is the mother of invention

. My sunflower paintings are done in acrylics, and therefore are brighter than the oil paintings. They come from the oil barrel the medium is plastic.
Sunflower paintings utilize uses the full spectrum of yellows. cool yellow blends in a primer yellow and then a yellow orange is next giving a flow much like music.. The red becomes the Barking dog. It is limited and suppressed until become very active. Green tea and complementary colour to the red. Also the green shades, makes the cool and warm reds very active very active.

Complementary colours attract each other and we tell each other at the same time. Creating a tonic affect. Colour energy, is creates emotion and elicit a response in the viewer.

Artis think van Gogh suddenly became out of the blue a famous artist without marketing. A lot of artists think they’re suddenly going to be discovered without the process of marketing wrong. Then Van Gogh family were in the art business. His niece took the 800 paintings publish the diaries and letters. And those days people wrote letters. Theo, van Gogh his brother, Gauguin and Vincent. Correspondence between each other. He kept in touch. He’s weird to diaries books and leader, movies and multimedia. Presentation is a modern world.
This caught the imagination of the public and the catalyst was the purchase of the sunflower painting by the national gallery in London like the sunflower painting. Those 800 paintings became in huge demand. What is the same as an Emily Carr‘s she quit painting for 12 years. , Gauguin and Vincent. This caught the imagination of the public and the catalyst with win the national gallery in London like the sunflower painting. Those 800 paintings became in huge demand. What is the same as an Emily Carr‘s she quit painting for 12 years. Her family told her get a real job Emily. Repaint these now sell for 3.4 million. And they named the University after her which is the provincial art school in Emily Carr‘s university on great Northern Way in Vancouver.
I remember one story when a Jewish art dealer fleeing the Nazis. He created his collection of mediaeval tapestries for van Goghs painting of Dr. Cachet a psychiatrist, who help the artist. Remember, this is the time before drugs did help the mentally ill in the modern world.
The doctor cachet painting by Vincent has an interesting provenance . When Hitler and the Nazis designated van Gogh is a decadent artist. All his work was sold off from the Frankfurt museum. Did you start dealer shows the small painting he could put it in his suitcase, slip away under the nose of the Nazis and their swastikas Eagles and war machine. He escaped to New York and sold the van Gogh and received enough money to set them self up in business.

For me, sunflowers are not only a metaphor for the human lifecycle, but also a useful device in a composition of my paintings. The large mammoth comes forward in the picture plane going from large, medium and small. It is also possible to use the full spectrum of colors.
Lines are sharp in the foreground gradually getting thinner until they become blurred. This is called linear perspective. Also, the colours are bright and saturated in the foreground gradually getting Taylor as the receipt and space them out in the clouds in the background. This is called atmospheric perspective.

These devices were invented during the northern renaissanc. Oil painting was invented in northern Europe and flourished as a result of the wealth generated by trade around the world. Art galleries, flourish in cities where there is a lot of well. First, it was Amsterdam and Bruges, then Paris and London. Later, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Centres of wealth and commerce