Telegraph Cove Perspective – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


Its amazing telegraph cove only has 20 permanent residence. Where is in the summer becomes a very busy tourist centre on the north island. Formerly it was a fishing and cannery Village that has become a major launching point for Eco tourism. Beaver Cove with a large, booming grounds is next-door to telegraph cove. As you’re coming down, the hill on the left is one of the old trains that were used to haul logs before logging trucks were invented, that’s why you’ll see old railway grades along the flats. Steep mountain size could not be log until logging trucks were invented. Trains could not go up such deep grades.

Telegraph cove started as a one room station at the northern terminal of the Campbell River telegraph line, built by the federal government in 1911. Local people together with Japanese investors started the salmon cannery, and the sawmill.
Today, telegraph economy is tourism. It is a prime tourist location on Johnson Street and close to robson Bite The cove also is the point of departure for kayakers and wheel watchers. Killer whales spend the summer in Johnson Street waiting for the large salmon runs the pass-through.
Telegraph cove also features a marina in a recreational vehicle park. The new buildings will be designed to match the character of the historic old town.

The Gikumi is a converted Seine fish boat that is used to take the tourists in Village Island, and whale watching. When you arrive in Village, Island, the chief, give me seaweed, will be waiting in his Chiefs regalia to tell you the story of the community and local folklore. His favourite story was win, the Gikumi docked Paul and Linda McCartney jumped out. The Beatles are here. Jimmy frantically look for something to get McCartney signature. In desperation he ripped the door off the out house and they dutifully signed. It proudly hangs in Jimmy’s home.

Using raised perspective I have included, not only telegraph cove, and the tender butt the lighthouse. To the right of the painting is alert bay graveyard. Next is Nino bay, an exclusive helicopter resort. In the far right is a Village Island you can see the old house post from the original long house. Going back from the beach or the old houses built by the federal government but you’re now deserted. Off in the distance are the coast mountains in the setting sun.