Victorian Home, Nanaimo, Van Gogh’s inspired sunflowers, gnarled gone to seed, the Grandma, the mother, teens and kids.


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


I have a love affair with the old Victorian houses. When I first moved to Cumberland like Nanaimo got its start in coal mining, the homes were in poor condition. Mostly post and beam the orginal timbers were rotting out. One bedroom, the corner of the buiding was sitting on an old tree stump that was infested with carpenter ants that were about to eat my home!! There was no birth control so famillies were large when children arrived either the attic was renovated into bedrooms or additions were quickly added on. If a tree trunk was available so much the better. I remember a friend decided to upgrade the plumbing as there were nasty smells eminating. It turned out the holding tank was a garbage can! No building inspectors in this day. Both Nanaimo and Cumberland had numerous hotels adn beer parlours where miners spent their time. It was brutal in the mines enclosed spaces and the possibilites of methane gas and cave ins. One mine shaft in Nanaimo went under the Strait of Georgia, the miners knew the time of day when the Ferry blasted its fog horn.

This house in Nanaimo has been put on a proper foundation and a solid the owners check out the basement and put in a suite and rented two disabled people. there are two cabins in the rear, for when family are visiting the gardens or well tended with a rock pathway and rock retaining walls, the sunflowers symbolize the family. The grandma hunched over gone to seed. Grandpa is not present. He’s at the beer parlour the mothers there with the teenagers and the kids are use the primary colors , the yellow is in the foreground then in the middle distance, the teal blue of the house, the deep space for the purple mountains in the setting sun interior of the house is typical 19th century, hardwood, paneling, and interior has never been modernized. There are many small rooms. The owners are not interested in open concept living , each has their own office space is the year in business and have their own private libraries and children often visit and stay in the two cabins on the back alley.

The owner for the department of Indian affairs doing consulting with Indian land. Claims the mother works for the United Nations helping women in war ravaged countries. I doubt that either will retire they both graduated from Royal Road with masters degree and did not have to do masters degrees as their experiences in life was recognized.
Vegetable garden helps to sustain the family in the winter and the bouquet of flowers as colour enjoy the kitchen

With the new passenger ferry from Nanaimo to downtown Vancouver to make it easily accessible international airport in Nanaimo it’s become an extension of Vancouver what’s the same as seashell Vancouver has limited landmass the North Shore mountains on one side, and the US border, and the other also because of the agricultural land reserves Farmland cannot be developed. This is very important since only 5% of British Columbia is arable land 95% is rock trees, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and mountains.

Dave Barrett, NDP Premier of British Columbia where are you in the legislation setting up the land reserves he was soundly defeated in the next election developers and farmers like one of the solar land lots of money and retire. The land reserve percent prevented that historically this is the most important legislation ever passed in British Columbia in the Comox Valley, we have had huge development, but the farms are all still intact the same as when I moved there in 1961