Woman’s Jacket, Art Fashion




Art fashion
Christine, my German wife created the idea of art fashion. She called it Frankenstein fashion. She would cut up pieces of fabric and clothing and resell them back together again and unique clothing designs.

I took her idea and came up with my grip and splash, art fashion style. Since my signature colours with the

primary colours that’s what I used on the clothing. I will start with yellow, then red and blue ones that have dried I would do it with thin lines in white. Since the majority of my clothing is black and black mix, the colours appear brighter. It makes my clothing stand out. I would put my name and logo on the back, I Comox glacier.

I also have accessories, including baseball caps, and painted handbags as well as ties for the gentleman. Vancouver island community did not always appreciate my art fashion. I quickly learned the introverted people would not wear my clothing. Editions, particularly frustrating as they would take my art fashion, and they would say I’m going to wear it, and then they wouldn’t wear it. Why because they were introverted. I assume all musicians, since they are up on stage would be extroverts, not true. When I said to them if they did not wear the jacket and I would like it back, they would not give them back. I love the jacket, but we’re not gonna wear them in public as it would make them stand out.

My plan was to have my art fashion all over western Canada. Unfortunately 80% of my concepts do not reach fruition. But that is the way it is in the marketplace. If you assume every idea, you have works out, you will be frustrated. And a lot of people think that way. I’ve heard that over and over and over again. People who create something and think it’s going to be a huge success, and it goes nowhere. I assume my swastika hat is not that big a deal I was totally wrong. And it turned out to be one of the biggest disasters of my career costing me a lot of money and lost sales.

However, my sales are coming back as a garage, the Internet with new work and new dialogue on my website. It was interesting today a woman came to pick up and pay me for a house portrait in the four prints I did for her for children. She had seen a brightly coloured jacket at a fundraiser For a very prestigious charity. And the woman in charge was wearing one of my jackets. She said it had to be your jacket as it was totally unique. When I hear things like that, then I know my concept is working.

The biggest fan of my art fashion is a Hawaiian musician. He wears that jacket everywhere on stage and also when he travels. He said people in airports and in Hawaii love the jacket.

I have to think again Christine my bipolar wife, who, unfortunately committed suicide a year ago. I remember reading about the Beatles in Hamburg. Most people don’t know that it was a German woman who came up with the idea with the Beatles clothing, which was unique in the Beatles haircut. it was also a German designer that designed all the album covers with one many awards.