Gerard and his Vision of Loveliness – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in
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Gerard, my best friend in junior high school delivered newspapers to help support the family. He delivered the morning paper, the province. One miserable November morning, soaking wet, with his newspaper bag, over his shoulder to keep them dry he slogging along Buena Vista St. He comes to Charlotte’s house. She was emerging from bed and looks down at him and takes pity on his misery. He looks up, stands in the window and disrobes. She’s totally naked and wonderful curves, mysterious pubic hairs and breasts, pointing to heaven, Gordy, now called Gordon is still talking about that vision of loveliness His brain is now 74 years old. However, we humour him and listen to his story again as he experiences that version of a teenage charm a goddess in his mind.
I remember the story of the English king, who fell madly in love with a German, Princess. She wanted nothing to do with him as he was quite ugly and lecherous. He was so desperately in love. He traded the whole of Kent, one of the richest farming areas in the south coast of England to the Germans in exchange for the Deutsche goddess. The perils of love played out with each generation.
What are my favourite design features is the contrast man-made forms to those of nature. Notice the phone booth which is triangles circles and squares contrasted the wonderful curves of the female form. The S shape. The driveway takes you from the foreground into the background with Mount Washington off in the distance, the lilies in the foreground are bursting forward in their glory, like the females sculptures are bursting in their glory. Notice how I’ve outlined the female forms by doing that pulls them forward in a picture plan the flowers are large in the foreground, gradually getting smaller as they receive in space.
Disculpe you’re on the right, was obviously influenced by Chevelle. The tilt of the head free will be used in his paintings of women. The figure on the left is influenced by Matisse. If you look at the circles in the hair, the bun shape is the signature of Matisse,
I think I will do a series on this particular image think it would sell well in Quebec Also the white lily is on their flag so there is another connection. I would leave out the phone booth as it is gone short on cash. I had sold it my neighbour Black Creek Motors have a deep pocket and he purchase it. He needed a crane to move it as it is solid, steel very heavy. I did it did fine an old phone and actually had it wired and it worked. Most kids had never seen a rotary phone so they love to hear it go ding ding ding.
Charlotte the goddess who drives the boys crazy with her tight, sweaters and upturn breasts. One young wag came famous. One Summer day they were sunbathing on the Spit in a secluded look like location. Charlotte is a teenager is bursting out in her teenage glory. Youngstedt, OK many passionate kisses talk her into removing her bikini top and he gave up on her upper nipples in breath. The story circulated around the school very quickly and the young man became famous along with Gordon. He had seen the goddess. Charlotte father was military and she was posted away to another Air Force Base and it was never heard of the game. Whoever she is immortal in the mines of the male population that attended Rob Road junior high that time.
How do I look at this painting? I’m recognizing many interesting design features. The sunflower is an interesting contrast to the woman’s breasts. When is the glacier which is repeated in the dormer windows of my home. It again the trains are repeated in Mount Washington. The circle of the woman’s breast in the foreground is repeated in the chrome on the phone booth again on the light at the entrance to the door
This painting is giving me a lot of ideas. My latest addition to my sculpture garden is the Venus, de Milo a classic sculpture from the golden age of Greece. The sculpture is a plaster cast from the original in the Louvre in Paris. My German wife discovered this on craigslist and paid $350 for delivered. I have since learned from an American that they are worth $10,000, when you think about it, the shipping cost alone from Paris would be huge. That’s the thing is very heavy.
The Venus eggs to be painted and I will ponder, new compositions and new paintings for my Quebec city exhibition. It is mid September in Black Creek and the light is perfect. Do a photo shoot.
I think I’ll phone up Gordon and make his day. He can tell his story again about delivering the newspapers and go to Charlotte, gazing down upon him in his misery rain soked dragging a bag of newspapers.