Cretin Nebula – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 48 × 60 in


When I’m in my hot tub at night, looking up at the stars and pondering the fact that there are 100 billion of them. We are truly only a grain of sand on the beach. My favourite is the star clusters. They are in indistinct and mysterious. They are called the birth of the stars, millions of years the star material gradually compresses forming stars.

A woman in Coquitlam is a big collector of my paintings. Her son bought a new condo in Vancouver. She wanted to buy him a special gift as a housewarming. He chose an image of the cretin nebula.

I became as inspired and decided to do a series on this subject. It also lends itself to bling. I use the bling as a focal points. Large, medium and small bling also adds depth to the composition. I use the full spectrum of colors, as well as the complementary and hot and cold contrast.

The possibilities for design are infinite just like the subject matter. I can do horizontal vertical or diagonal composition . Also circle square in triangle configuration of the star cluster. The circle is my favorite, so the next series will be based on the circular star cluster.

The image is very popular with my clientele, so I’m looking forward to my investigation of the subject matter. I follow the 3Rs a picture making. I do my research then begin painting, reflecting as I go along. I sit back in my leather chair with my coffee After reflecting, I reconstruct the image until such time as I feel as if the painting is complete.