Fishboats, Government Dock – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in


One of my ongoing teams is fish. Boats in the harbour reflected in the moving waters of the tide. Are use the government dark for color. When you travel up the coast, if you see the red yellow dark, it tells you you can park your boat there is the public Facility.

My signature colours are the primary colors, red, yellow and blue. The bright red and yellow of the dark with the blue sky behind create this karmic affect. A gain art is about emotion, the boat, large, medium, small Dickinson, lines, the mass of the fish, boats, and sailboats, or thick lines, the rigging or thin lines. I gain I use enclosed spaces to pull forms forward on the picture plate. The circles of lights become distorted and interesting shapes and forms. Complementary colours come into affect red juxtaposed to green blue against orange and yellow against purple. And then black makes the colours appear brighter , most fish and sailboats are white since they’re fiberglass. The white of the boat feeds into the sky into the clouds, and becomes muted, adding atmospheric perspective, and therefore the illusion of depth.

One of my favourite stories is the prairie farmer who is nagging his wife to leave his dream and fish for salmon on the north coast. Finally one fall he agrees. He loads up the aluminum boat and they drive over three mountain ranges catch BC ferries drive to North Vancouver island to telegraph cove. They launch the boat, the husband is living his dream beautiful fall day salmon or biting eagles are soaring overhead. However, they are unaware of the title title change. The flood waters moving through the narrow channels are amplified. The energy reaches a feverish pitch. Suddenly a 6 foot tied rib ghost, tearing through black fish sound , the little aluminum boat goes ass over tea kettle. My brother and Mike Hicks are watching this. Hits he goes roaring in with his twin 500 hp Yamaha‘s. He managed to drag the sudden husband into the boat there looking around the fellows, wife has disappeared tragedy. Suddenly she gets lucky huge world pool opens up in there. She is the poor woman looking up with big eyes like saucers with absolute terror on her face. Again she gets lucky. Sadly, she starts coming up. Brother Grant grabs it or reaches down into the whirlpool she manages with one arm, the latch onto that or human Mike Drager, sudden body into the boat brothers exclaim in her other hand with her purse. It had all the family goods keys money. How are they going to get back home without that purse. my other purse story is my great aunt Myrtle in 1927 bottom model a Ford I had three spinster hands, all secretaries who lived in Toronto. Their husbands and lovers had been killed in the trenches in the first world war myrtles top-of-the-line Ford did not work properly. The mechanics poured over the engine and vehicle to no avail. Finally, he said Myrtle we have to do a test drive. Myrtle gets in the car immediately pulls the Choco change the purse on the choke. She thought Henry Ford is finally thinking she was always losing her purse.

Older brother was passionate about fishing. He bought his first fish boat roofing three in the early 70s. He started out fishing in the gulf islands. Then he bought 40 acres in London north of Paul river and fish from there. Younger brother David bought his fish boat naiad. I was lucky I didn’t have to own a boat but I got to go out on commercial fishing. Either up at 4 o’clock in the morning or the evening bye. In the summer I was a student from UBC in art school and I was sleep on the deck in my sleeping bag.

When I build my studio in Hornby Island, the family all migrated to Hornby in the summer. Older brother bought another larger fish boat called son corona. He needed a larger boat because he wanted to fish the big spring salmon in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

I have talked to many boaters on the coast. Many of them have had near death experiences in the treacherous waters. You have to keep an eye on the title action. You always move on the high tide never on the low tide. I remember on dental in Island the tourist were amazed at the river in front of the lodge moved in both directions. It’s never happening Ontario or New York State. Why because the tide. The tide with M and flow in different directions depending on the time of day. The tourist would watch with great glee, the seals shooting the rapids, chasing each other, chasing the salmon. The magic of the West Coast.