Glacier Poppies – Acrylic on Canvas


Dimensions 30 × 40 in
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I remember when I first started painting the glacier together with the poppies. People asked me why did you choose this particular flower to contrast to the glacier? Simple colour theory and design. The primary red appears brighter against the black red orange is the hardest colour on the spectrum, which is the flower large in projected forward on the picture playing the glacier is turquoise and white the coolest colour by putting the two together I get the maximum colour contrast.
A woman purchased one of my first glacier coffee paintings, and she stated now that I own the painting you’re not allowed to ever paint another one! Where did you get that one wrong? I have sold many glacier poppy paintings as I have done a variation on the theme. This is what we were taught in our school, choose the subject and do it over and over again until you investigate all the various possibilities. Selling great glacier poppy paintings also paid off my mortgage. It is probably be my most successful image I Comox glacier or white whale as the first nations people‘s call it is the icon of the komox Valley.
When the Haida war canoes swooped down from the north to pillage the Salish villages and takes leaves. The women and children will go up to the glacier to hide. That’s the story goes all the women and children disappeared. That is why the glacier is called forbidden plateau.
I also use the image for my garden art. It is fun in the winter to see the glacier of the poppies in a snowbank women, especially call these pictures. The happy paintings may become happy as your emotions are steward by the bright colors. I have donated and given away Many prints at the glacier poppies to charities and friends.
To me, being a ballroom dancer, the poppies are dancing doing a foxtrot. When I take these pictures, I’m also aware of design sharp against round large against small changes in direction. Notice how the shapes of the poppies are echoed, and repeated by the shapes in the hills. The large poppies are contrasting to the small white flowers in the negative space. The white shapes, triangles at the houses across the day Eco to shape of the triangles in the glaciers. When is man-made geometric circle square triangles. Where is the glacier is organic with wonderful rhythmic curves.
Notice I have use the cool yellow in the maples to complete the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue. Are used two shades of blue, the ultramarine blue, which is in the water, which is a warm blue and a phthalo blue in the shadows of the fourth, which is a much cooler blue.
I haven’t seen this painting for a while and I am quite enjoying it. It is amazing how each one of these pictures although the same theme role, different and unique. This is because I’m a different person my ideas change and evolve with time. I have painted them both in oils and acrylics. Also used modelling paste to add more texture and the ghost painting. I even added bling as accent points, but I had to restrain myself because a lot of people dislike the addition of the bling in the pictures. I always listen to what people say about my art, as it is important for me to self to keep painting. Notice is the different shades of green. I remember in 1980 when I moved back to the komox Valley to teach at North Island College. I was overwhelmed by all the shades of green and being a colourist and usually was frustrated. Painting was all done on location. This was before computers and laptops. I began to notice colours especially in the fall and the big leaf maples turn to red and yellow. When I build my studio on Hornby Island, the flaming colours of the arbutus trees became a favourite theme. In the spring and summer flowers added the bright colours to give my paintings that they needed. Hot colour is coming forward and cool colours receding sharp lines coming forward blurred line receding, atmospheric, and linear perspective.
Years later, I met the lady who bought the first glacier poppy painting. She had stated categorically that I was not allowed to paint anymore that you were the only one. I was doing one of my art outdoor art shows and had several glacier poppy paintings and different mediums. Available for sale. I said to her I would gladly do an addition of prints of her painting for free and she could give them away to family members. I never heard from her again. Like the tragic comedy. She is definitely into tragedy.