Brian’s home for 20 years, Cumberland, a tumbledown mining town, was at one time, one of the largest city north of San Francisco.

With the inevitable closure of the coal mine came a period of time with not many prospects for the old town. but the company houses, both great and small, were built of red cedar, and didn’t rot away. So now this sleepy town has many splendid examples of Victorian architecture and, together with its colorful history, is attracting attention and huge growth.

Iit has recently been “discovered” by a group of Canadian theatre impresarios who are launching a premiere production this coming Summer, entitled “Dancing in the Coaldust”, based on the life of one of its union leaders, Ginger Goodwin, Brian’s little studio still stands on 2nd Street – empty, but not forgotten for the many pasta meals he cooked there for fellow starving artists.

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